Western Washington University

Participants from Western Washington University (Bellingham, WA), presented in order of interview.

Janine Fong

Class of 2023

Janine Fong is a Malaysian American student at Western Washington University currently majoring in environmental science. She moved to the US at a very young age and has grown up here. She has a great passion for marine ecology, toxicology, and other things that belong in an aquarium. Although graduation is a few years away, she hopes to seek out restoration and sustainability opportunities during her time in school in order to progress quickly in the workforce and make a good impact on the state of the world’s oceans. Until then, she watches a lot of YouTube, listens to a lot of classical music, and drinks a lot of boba tea.

Seraphina Kwon

Class of 2022

Seraphina Kwon is from Federal Way, Washington. She is currently attending Western Washington University, majoring in special education and elementary education. She enjoys exploring the outdoors and being with friends and family. Some things that she likes are binge watching K-dramas, eating food (especially Korean food), and listening to music.

Maya K.

Class of 2022

Maya is a Chinese American college student from Seattle, Washington. A third year at Western Washington University, she is getting her Bachelors in East Asian Studies and minors in Sociology. She plans to graduate in 2022 and eventually work in the film industry to better represent East Asians in American cinema.

Theresa C.

Class of 2021

Theresa is a queer mixed Asian American from Federal Way, Washington. They will graduate in the spring of 2021 at Western Washington University with a major in linguistics and a minor in political science.


Class of 2020

Anton is a mixed, Indian-Malaysian American from Kent, Washington. He graduated the spring of 2020 from Western Washington University with a degree in biocultural anthropology. He currently resides in Seattle, working as a housing case manager.


Class of 2021

Mish is a multicultural student at Western Washington University living in Bellingham, Washington. He will be graduating in the spring of 2021 with majors in management and international business, as well as a psychology minor. His entrepreneurial spirit is what inspired him to pursue this line of study, and he hopes to one day succeed with his own private business venture.

Andre Manabo

Class of 2022

John Andre Manabo is a Filipino American disabled writer studying at Western Washington University in pursuit of a BA in creative writing with a teaching endorsement. He is also a writing studies minor. Outside of academics, his passions include pop culture, film, and music. His favorite MCU film is Captain America: Civil War and he loves Harry Styles.


Class of 2022

Gretchen is a second-generation Filipino American student from Snohomish, Washington. A former industrial-design-turned-manufacturing-engineering student, she will be graduating from Western Washington University in the spring of 2022 with hopes to pursue sustainability in manufacturing. Outside of classrooms and labs, she is currently serving as the president of WWU’s Filipino American Student Association and as the public relations officer of Khemical Showdown, an all-inclusive club dedicated to learning the art of breaking (more incorrectly known as breakdancing). Her hobbies include gaming (just finished Nier: Automata), watching anime (Fruits Basket 2019 is everything), going to parks, dancing, and almost anything creative: drawing, cooking, sewing, sculpting, the works. If nothing else, she simply loves to make things with her own two hands.


Class of 2023

Jannell is a Filipina American from Olympia, Washington. She’s currently a second year at Western Washington University majoring in special education with an elementary education dual endorsement. She thinks this project is great and believes these stories need to be heard, especially with what’s going on nowadays. Anti-Asian racism has always been an issue and shining light on Asian American experiences will help minimize the issue.

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