University of Washington

Participants from the University of Washington (Seattle and Bothell, WA), in order of interview.

Hunter Ylescupidez

Class of 2023

Hunter Ylescupidez is a bisexual Filipino American from Tacoma, Washington. A Spring 2023 graduate of the University of Washington, he is finishing a BS in biology with an expertise in physiology.


Class of 2023

Britanna is a mixed, Filipino and Black woman from Kirkland, Washington. She is currently a second year at the University of Washington, Bothell, and is majoring in community psychology with the hopes of becoming a marriage and family therapist. When she is not working or doing schoolwork, she is most likely watching anime, reading, or listening to K-pop.

Maya Salo

Class of 2021

Maya Shi-yu Salo is a Chinese American adoptee from Olympia, Washington. She is a Winter 2021 graduate from the University of Washington, earning a double degree with a BS in biology and a BA in psychology. Maya continues to pursue a healthcare and people-orientated career. She loves cats, traveling, and reading fantasy and romance. Late at night, Maya loves to freak herself out by watching Criminal Minds or Law & Order or eating a late night snack of cheese and crackers.

Lorraine Abagatnan

Class of 2020

Lorraine A. Abagatnan is a Filipina American educator and writer living in Seattle, Washington. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in classics from the University of Washington in 2020, she now teaches English and social studies at Brightmont Academy, an accredited, private 6th–12th grade school in Sammamish, Washington. Lorraine plans to pursue an MA/PhD in classical archaeology. Her main research interests revolve around violence, food, and erotic encounters, all falling under post-colonial and critical race theoretical frameworks. Outside of academia and work, Lorraine writes both prose and poetry. She also enjoys archery, chopping wood, and reading. Lorraine considers her Catholic faith to be integral and central to living a beautiful life.

Theresa Ambat

Class of 2020

Theresa is a Catholic, queer, Filipina American music producer and sound designer based in Seattle, Washington. She graduated from the University of Washington, Seattle, with a degree in computer music, where she composed electroacoustic pieces and built mechatronic sound sculptures. She produces original music as well as music for podcasts and short films, and is a sound designer for a New York City-based radio theater company. A devout Catholic, much of Theresa’s creative work is grounded in her faith, centered around sharing truth, beauty, and goodness with the world. Her queer identity may seem contradictory to her Catholic one, but Theresa is a firm believer that her sexuality can be well integrated into her life in a way that is true to both herself and her faith. Much of her story can be heard through her original music.

You can find her on her website, Instagram, and all streaming platforms: | @theresaambat

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