Seattle University

Participants from Seattle University (Seattle, WA), in order of interview.

Alysha Patel

Class of 2023

Alysha Patel is an Indian American business student from Snohomish, Washington. She graduates the spring of 2023 from Seattle University with a double major in marketing and management. She will be pursuing an MBA after her undergraduate studies. If she’s not dancing, she’s likely spending her time drooling over Zac Efron.

Jaymielee Cruz

Class of 2023

Jaymielee Cruz is a Filipino American woman from Everett, Washington. At Seattle University, she is passionate about her psychology major and Spanish minor. She is also expecting to study abroad in Granada, Spain to fulfill her minor. As Jaymielee continues her education, she plans to earn a PhD in psychology with an interest in child development and counseling. She is doing her best during these difficult times of COVID and quarantine. But her strong, supportive family and friends continue to motivate and inspire her to be the best individual she can be.

Joseph Francisco

Class of 2023

Joseph Ryan “Joe” Francisco is a Filipino American from Tacoma, WA. He is a second year at Seattle University pursuing degrees in kinesiology and photography. Outside of school he participates in various sports (basketball, volleyball, bowling), works out, dances, does photography, picks up his chipotle order, plays video games, and hangs out with friends. He’s really into sneaker culture too!

IG: j_francisco2


Class of 2023

Matthew is a second-generation mixed Filipino American student at Seattle University. He is pursuing a BS in mechanical engineering with a math minor as part of the graduating Class of 2023 in the SU College of Science and Engineering. His favorite hobbies are working out, watching anime, and hanging out with friends.


Class of 2020

Peter is a Vietnamese American Spring 2020 graduate of Seattle University with a BS in nursing and a minor in Spanish. Originally from San Jose, California, he is currently doing his nursing residency in Seattle, Washington.

Nicole Krenz

Class of 2022

Nicole Krenz is a mixed Filipino American originally from Beaverton, Oregon. Anticipating a June 2022 graduation from Seattle University, she studies business, double majoring in economics and marketing.


Class of 2022

Kayla is a Fil-Am student from Kent, Washington, who grew up with a big family from Oahu, Hawai’i. She had big dreams of becoming a firefighter growing up, but quickly changed her mind to pursue nursing after finding out she is scared of fire. When she’s not studying, Kayla is working at one of her seven jobs or taking her grandma grocery shopping.

Katrina Castaneda

Class of 2023

Katrina Castaneda is a Filipino American attending Seattle University. She is in the class of 2023 nursing cohort and originally from California. She is a passionate leader in Seattle University Dance Marathon and United Filipino Club and works as a mentor for eighth graders in preparation for high school. Aside from school and work, she co-hosts The Rise Above Podcast.

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