The Interview Questions

This is a list of sample interview questions sent to participants before their scheduled interviews. These questions were created to inspire conversation; interviews were structured to follow the flow of conversation. Not every one of these questions were asked during each interview.

Introductory questions

  1. What is your name, pronouns (if preferred), and year in school?
  2. Where are you (literally) from?
  3. How do you identify yourself (e.g., Filipino American, LGBTQIA+, mixed race, woman)?
  4. Do you have any nicknames or aliases you feel comfortable sharing? How did you get those nicknames?
  5. What made you choose to go to [school]?
  6. What is your major? How did you choose your major?
  7. What extracurricular activities do you take part in?

Identity questions

  1. What does it mean to be [identity]?
  2. What does it mean to be “American”?
  3. When was a moment you realized you were [ethnicity]? [Other identity/ies]?
  4. Have you ever felt “too American” or “too [ethnicity]” before? When/why?
  5. What does “authentic [identity]” look like or mean to you?
  6. Have you ever felt “not [identity] enough”? When/why?
  7. Have you travelled to [ancestral country]?
  8. Describe a memory, event, or image that exemplifies or symbolizes being [identity] to you.

Preparing for the poetry exercise

  1. What is “home” to you?
    1. Where is it? Who’s there? What’s there?
  2. What reminds you of “home”?
  3. What would you tell your past/younger self, knowing what you know now?
  4. What would you like to tell/remind your future self, as you are now?
  5. Do you have any advice for any first years, incoming students, and other people who may identify—now or later—as [identity]?
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